Monday, July 30, 2007


I had taken precious time to post new pics of the girls with great little stories about them and the typical thing mommies do - and blogger pooped out on me. ARGH. So - because I am old, exhausted and now frustrated I will leave you with this one pic of the oldest McMillan offspring. I found her like this the other afternoon. She had put my purse on her shoulder, her sunglasses on - and had my car keys in one hand and the wallet in the other. She walked toward the door and said 'Bye Mom, going shopping." Poor Allen, his wallet will never recover from having 3 girls.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

*Mr. Tonight* rocks my face off!

A month or so ago I was talking to Jessica and she mentioned that one of our co-workers is in an 80's cover band.. WHAT?? We decided it was imperitive that we catch one of their shows and support Adam, so last weekend we went to the show at Buffalo Wild Wings. Let me tell you - these guys are beyond awesome! I love them so much that I took some more friends to the show last night at Rocky LaRue's, and once again I was very impressed. Everyone there was dancing, singing at the top of their lungs and just having a great time. The group that I had with me was thoroughly impressed and we're all pumped to catch the next show!! They cover songs like "Jessie's Girl", "867-5309", "I Love Rock N Roll", etc... so much fun!!! If you love 80's music I HIGHLY suggest finding Mr. Tonight on myspace and going to the next show; I guarantee you will have a great time!! (And chances are you'll see me dancing and singing really loud somewhere in the back!)

This is Adam, my friend from work - I love watching him!! YOU ROCK, Adam!!
Notice the "Mr. Tonight" sign - it's Nintendo... these guys could not get any cooler!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And the Randomness never fails...

I am writing about a lot of random things lately; I suppose it has to do with Allen not getting to come very much the last couple of weeks and I'm a little lonely. Ah, the life of a railroader's wife. Which speaking of - I have NOTHING but the deepest respect and awe for Army wives -how do you do it?? (Lindsay - you are the only one I know personally - kudos to you for keeping things together and staying strong for Britten while Justin is gone)

Moving on to the reason behind this random thought; I feel it is necessary to post the following disclaimer: I am weird.
Yes, I'm a very odd human and I know it. The older I get the more I seem to realize just how strange I am compared to the rest of the human race. My brain works (or doesn't work so much) in the most precarious of ways. Of course, the good thing about understanding my weirdness is that I now understand why I am not and have not ever been the most popular of people. There aren't too many humans out there who get me. My sense of humor is quite far-fetched - most people look at me like I am speaking in tounges when I try to make a joke. However I have found that there are a precious handful who appreciate it and understand it. For these people I am very thankful!! So, if you're ever reading this blog or even talking to me in person and walk away thinking "this chick is a full-fledged freak" do not fret - you are not thinking something that I am not aware of. Heck, you can even say it to someone else. "you know, that Kayla human is a little off." This will not constitute as talking behind my back, it will rather be categorized in the "true statements" folder of your brain.

I believe the extremely ironic thing about this post is that it, in itself, is very strange. Who feels the need to proclaim to the world their weirdness? Only the truly weird, that's who.

Where have all the stalkers gone?

Is anyone reading this thing?? 4 posts with no comments.... this is a bad day. I suppose part of me secretly hopes that there are true blue stalkers of my blog out there. You know - people who don't know me but read this blog anyway, as well as people who know me but don't want me to know they're looking at this thing....
If there are any such stalkers out there... HI! Keep on stalkin'... it's fine with me!

I do have a funny blog stalking story...
After I first located these blogs and began faithfully reading them every day I eventually would read the blogs linked to pages of people I knew. (wow... English teachers all over the world are cringing at that sentence) I found a few of these blogs to be super entertaining and continue to read them to this day. Well - not so long ago I was in an undisclosed restaurant (I can't give away too much info.. don't want people knowing I'm stalking them) and I saw one of the humans I read about daily in the flesh... sitting right there - What is so funny to me is that for a split second I was going to walk up and say "Hey, _____, how are ya?" Nevermind that_________ doesn't know me from Adam and would no doubt take out a restraining order against me. OOPS!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A random complaint..

So, the head haunchos here at PlainsCapital Bank seem to have hot molten lava running through their veins and have taken it upon themselves to override the thermostats in all of the offices. Apparently -10 degrees is a comfortable temperature for them. Meanwhile, my fingers have turned to ice and my joints are all creaking from being darn near frozen solid. Perhaps when I have succombed (is that a word?) to frostbite and they are having to shell out mega bucks in worker's comp they will relent that I am a grown adult human and I am perfectly capable of selecting a temperature at which I will remain comfortable, happy - and well, alive. GRRR.

First Haircut and a Growing Baby!

Kenly is growing so fast, and it's killing me! She first rolled "tummy to back" on the 4th of July; then 2 weeks ago she started rolling back to tummy and she's rolling EVERYWHERE now. She has also started laughing and giggling; it's hilarious. I know it's only been 2 years since Ashlyn was this age but I just forgot how quickly it all goes by.

Kenly is quite taken with the Bumbo chair - she finally sits comfortably in it without being a bobble head! I think this is also the best "Roger" picture I have of her - those who knew him, does she not look JUST like him?? GREAT STUFF!

It seems that Diva Ashlyn cannot handle me taking pictures of Kenly alone. EVERY time I grab the camera and take a quick shot I hear "MOMMY, pictures of me, TOOOOOO"
Yes, your Majesty! Ok - so on to the haircut. Yes, I know that it is ridiculous that my kid is 2 and half and hasn't had her first hair cut. But it must be understood that she didn't have ANY hair until she was a little over 1. I think it's taken this long because Allen and I just couldn't bear to cut what took so long to grow in the first place!! However a few weekends ago I decided to bite the bullet... the ends of her hair were super blonde and were still baby hair, and it was always tangled. So I made the appointment and off we went. I did grab a before picture for good measure!

This is before...

Ashlyn blew us away with how well behaved she was. She sat super still, didn't cry or whine once and she did everything the girl asked her to do. We were so proud - Allen took her for a celebratory ice cream when it was over!

I only got a few "after" shots because I didn't like the way the chick styled it - I will post more later of the new and improved Ashlyn hair. NO MORE MULLET!!!!

Excuse the sideways picture - I'm slowly going out of my mind. (Is that a line in a country song?)

Monday, July 16, 2007

A blogger apology

It came to my attention within minutes of posting this blog (thanks for the call - you know who you are) that I might have offended some with my "sitting on a road in India learning how to charm snakes" comment. I must now make it known that, in no way, was it my intention to do so. Please understand that I hail from the tiniest town in Texas, and have not been very cultured in this life. Likewise I was probably way more interested in the cute guy 3 desks away or engrossed in studying my latest basketball opponent during all history/geography classes in high school to remember anything. APOLOGIES!

It has also come to my recent attention (and this is random...shocking) that due to the location of the window in our master bathroom my very private pooping ventures are not so private. It appears that when it is dark outside - the light in the bathroom casts very precarious shadows that can be easily viewed from the road in front of our house. Damn the luck!

Is it odd that I can count on both hands the number of times I've ever uttered a syllable about pooping outloud, yet I have somehow managed in a matter of days to publish on this blog 2 very intimate tales of my need to "do the number 2?" ARGH.

Adventures in Hookah

Ahh, the Hookah. I've wanted to "Hookah" for quite some time (ever since I saw it on a Real World episode years ago). I even found a Hookah bar in Amarillo and swore I would make the drive one weekend to try it out. Then, 2 weeks ago I discovered there was no need for me to leave town; for folks, right here in your very own Lubbock, TX there is a quaint and delightful little Hookah bar. In passing, Jessica mentioned having gone to the aforementioned Hookah dive and I almost fell out of my chair I was so jazzed! We then set a date and Saturday was it. From the moment we opened the door I was in love. There were cute and comfy couches, little bistro tables, and a menu chock-full of every possible Hookah flavor any human could want. Jessica and I decide to try Apple, and soon after ordering - the Hookah, in all its glory, was delivered to our perch and thus began my Hookah adventure. There were many laughs and great stories and delicious smoke aplenty. I can't wait to go again!

For those who might not know, "Hookah" is simply flavored tobacco smoke. There is no nicotine (I don't believe) and certainly no other mind altering agents in the stuff... Responsible for a 24 year old mom to smoke this for 3 hours? Probably not - but a great experience none the less!

Jessica and the Hookah... YUM!
I kept imagining myself in India sitting on a corner road learning how to charm snakes from a local... and I probably shouldn't share things like that, I'm already weird enough!

The Hookah....
I've got a lot to catch up on, I just have no time lately. I will try and get this thing up to date soon... Am I already a blog-failure??
P.S. I have NO clue why this entire entry is underlined. I have now puzzled over my toolbar options for a very unreasonable amount of time to no avail. I do apologize...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Persistant Bowel Movements

If the title disturbes you in any way, I beg of you not to read further.

I must preface this tale by saying that I am somewhat of a "closet pooper." I will ONLY poop in my own house, on my own toilet, in my own time. I won't really even discuss poop or the need to poop very much, I just feel it's disgusting. However, there comes a time in every woman's life when decorum and class are not an option.
We took Ashlyn out on the lake a couple of weekends ago to let her swim. After we got back Allen and I decided we wanted to go for a little while without her to swim and intertube, etc. So we loaded up in the boat with my cousin Tiffany and her husband Jerry. We got to one of our swimming coves and were having a great time. I was sunning on the 'tube - getting attacked by giant horseflies and man-eating turtles and decided that we should go elsewhere to swim. As I was boarding the boat it hit me.. I had to poop. I REALLY had to poop. I make this statement outloud (much to everyone's shock) and it becomes a great source of laughter for Allen. Being the accomodating husband that he is, Allen offers to drive us back to the dock so I can get back to camp and handle this matter comfortably. I entertain the thought but decide that the urge has passed, and we should just continue swimming. We find another cove and right as we stop my insides begin to scream and I realize this is serious. Allen again offers to whisk me off to a more appropriate locale, only this time I decline because it becomes swimmingly (ha - nice play on words..) apparent that I have no time. It is coming - it is coming now, and I will either defecate in the boat or in the water. Obviously the water is the best choice for all involved and I jump in. My first attempt was unsuccessful - we'll chalk that up to stage fright. Allen again chimes in and gives me his best "crapping in the lake" advice. This includes informing me of the best position to keep from swimming in the poop once it is out - and showing me the best handle in case I need to help this whole mess along. I grab the handle, assume the position and in one small push - the A-bomb. There it is. I've pooped. And it's not a dainty little lady-poop. It's not even a larger - yet compacted man poop. It is full out warfare that has come from me and it is everywhere. Thanks to Allen's tips (gosh, that guy is handy) I manage to escape without touching any of it. My poor cousin Tiffany, however happened to be on the tube and inevitably floated right over the top of the evidence. It was mortifying. I pooped. In the lake. With other humans around. They saw me do it. They saw the actual poop. Can life get ANY worse than this? I can honestly say I have NEVER seen Allen laugh so hard in the 8 years we've been together - and for the rest of the weekend the story was told and retold. Probably will be retold for the rest of my life, one of the most glorious moments in the life of Kayla.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Pep Rally Incident

At the urging of a few of my friends, I have begun compiling some of the funny, embarrassing and/or just plain weird stories of my life. Due to my lacking grammar skills and my inability to convert telling a funny story out loud to writing a funny story on paper these stories would never be published (No, Kenna I will not even try) I will however post random funny stories on this blog where there are no editors nor can I see anyone's reaction while they are reading the aforementioned tales. This way my pride is not injured, and I can believe that anyone reading this is getting the best laugh of their life (even if they almost fell asleep from boredom instead.)
So - on to the story behind the title.
When I was a freshman in highschool, I somehow ended up on the varsity basketball squad. (Notice I did not say I "made" the team. Quite frankly, I believe the coaches just kept me around because I was a big gal) Either way, the team made the regional playoffs that year and the school decided to throw a pep rally for us before the tournament. At some point before the 'rally we were talking about all of the football pep rallies and how the guys would run out to the middle and create a huge dog pile on one another. Foolishly, I believed this discussion to be a plan of action. So the end of pep rally comes and the band is playing our school song. I felt that this was our cue (and remembering that I'm a big gal - I figured I'd get on the bottom to prevent injuries to my team mates) and I took off in a dead sprint to the middle of the court. I then dove (very intently) onto the ground waiting for my comrades to join. I wait.. perhaps they didn't get the cue. Perhaps they have all tripped over each other on their way. I then begin to hear outrageous laughter and it hits me. I am alone. None of the other girls came. None of them ever even intended on coming. At that point I realize the gross humiliation that I am currently enduring and begin to peel myself up off of the ground. The whole school witnessed it... Me - the big awkward freshman who shouldn't have been on the varsity squad to begin with - committing the worst act of "uncool" ever. I slinked back to my teammates (who were also laughing at me ..very hard) and watched all hopes of ever being "one of the cool girls" in high school slip out of my fingers. I had to nurse my very wounded pride for a long, long time following that tragic moment in my life. Even now I have to shake my head at myself whenever I think about it. What. A. Loser.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Fun at the lake!

We loaded up the girls and headed to the lake this weekend. We have so much going on this summer with weddings and vacations and this was one of the only times we were going to get to go. I was unsure of how Ashlyn would act in the boat. She loved it last summer but she was also too young to know to be scared. I shouldn't have worried - she had a great time! She loves for Daddy to throw her from the boat to the water (in Mommy's arms of course) and she wants to swim as far away as she can.

Uncle Steven was there and agreed that Miss Kenly looks EXACTLY like my dad. I love that!

Ashlyn did NOT want to be held in the water "Don't touch me" she kept saying.. oy!

Oh - you have to hold on to this girl on the boat. She tries to jump out while it's running. We also got this new "Dora" lifejacket before we left. When we got back from being on the boat she layed it down in Kenly's bed and said "Dora's tired. Night night, Dora." HA!

It was SO beautiful out there this weekend, I wish we had more time to go back this year. Maybe we can squeeze in a weekend or two.