Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Has it really been 4 months?

I did not die, I did not succumb to the shenanigans of my offspring, nor did I get so entangled in Christmas spirit that I had to go through holiday detox. It is quite simple, really; our internet quit. Any of you who remember the refrigerator conundrum will know that “getting things done” is not my forte. It took more than 2 months for me to decide that having cold food and drinks was priority enough to call someone and get the appliance fixed; I can only assume that will mean it will be 4-5 months at least before I do anything about this lack of access to the world wide web. I have been keeping up with my blogger friends, though – through visits to Kenna’s house where I disappear for 3 hours only to be found in a blogger- induced coma.
So, for my audience of 1.5 readers; please do not give up all hope. You never know when procrastinator Kayla will step aside and efficient Kayla will take over. Besides, I’ve got embarrassing stories to tell and epiphanies to declare and my mind to speak. I WILL BE BACK, BLOGGER.