Thursday, November 8, 2007

A little of this...a little of that

Apparently, I cannot differentiate between “hanging by a thread” and “a little loose” (when it comes to teeth, that is.) We’ve been very blessed and very lucky that, so far, Ashlyn has never had any major injury. If you’ve ever spent more than 10 minutes with her you understand how surprising that fact is. She’s been a monkey since the day she was born. She literally came out with her arms and legs flailing and her eyes wide open – and she hasn’t slowed down since. She is constantly running, jumping, swinging, sliding, diving – anything physical. I don’t think she ever sits down for 2 seconds together. She really isn’t afraid of much of anything –so the fact that we haven’t had anything broken or mangled is pretty shocking.
So last night Ashlyn fell while getting out of the bathtub and hit her mouth on the side of it. She cried for all of 5 seconds I think – but I could see a little blood around her tooth. I went to wiggle it – and wiggle it did. I swear that it was about to fall completely off. I was immediately concerned about what this broken tooth would entail. I assumed it would have to be pulled and then she’d have to have some form of cosmetic dentistry since it’ll be awhile before permanent teeth come in. I was also upset because our family pictures are this Saturday and I didn’t know what the status of the tooth would be at that point. So I take her in to the Dr. this morning, and after looking at her teeth, he informs me that the tooth is “a little loose” but is still alive and will be fine. Wow. I know that I tend to exaggerate and overreact – but really? I think my daughter’s tooth is dangling when in reality it’s perfectly in tact and just slightly loose?
Also – tonight is the Christmas Crafting meeting at the McMillan house. Yes, an actual meeting (complete with notebooks) devoted to the planning of which crafts will be, well, crafted; what materials will be needed, and what day exactly each of the crafting events will take place. I told you people I was a little nuts about Christmas, and I wasn’t joking. I know it’s nights like tonight that Allen is glad he’s gone!! Giggling, giddy women with notebooks, crafting plans, apple cider, Christmas music and an abundance of glitter…. Sounds like Heaven to me!!!!

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