Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Items of concern

I am hosting Thanksgiving in exactly 1 day and a half.... There are a few problems with this situation:

1. There are remnants of biter bisquits crusted to every nook and cranny of this house.
2. There is a 3 foot pile of laundry leading from the garage -through the kitchen -down the hall and into my bedroom. (hopefully neither child is buried under there... I haven't heard either of them waling for a while...)
3. We got the brilliant idea to clean out our kitchen cabinets this weekend forgetting that we are hosting this shindig for 20 people - and will no doubt have leftovers. I hope that we can construct 45 bowls out of 10 feet of aluminum foil or there will be enough waste to feed a small country.
4. We only have one working toilet currently... this fact plus the HUGE meal and the obligatory three hour visit after said meal equals disaster of incalculable proportions.

5. I discovered that Ashlyn discarded a sippy cup of chocolate milk sometime ago under her bed - the hard way. I'm not sure how much $ we'll be out for fumigating.


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